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Combining claims, EHR data creates a Rosetta Stone for population health

Healthcare organizations have massive amounts of data to share with payors and vice versa, to provide a timely, accurate picture of patients™ health status and care gaps. Problem is many issues hinder the sharing of these data sets. In this guest post, Eileen Cianciolo, chief product officer for a company that provides healthcare analytics solutions […] [MORE]

Five keys to leading in the age of analytics

Data and analytics have redefined the way we compete. Data is a critical corporate asset that organizations are starting to monetize in new ways to get ahead of their competition. In this guest post, Andrew Wells, CEO of a management-consulting firm, and Kathy Chiang, VP business insights at a marketing firm will provide the five […] [MORE]

Is your hospital board aware of these 4 leadership “blind spots”?

Hospital boards must make sure they™ve got a clear view of the big picture affecting their facilities, not just the financials. Board members may not be fully aware of some crucial areas that make a big difference for a hospital success “ and they need more knowledge of these topics.

Do patients care how their data is used?

As hospitals start collecting more data from patients, they’re finding that information can be used for purposes other than the person’s individual health care – such as marketing, quality improvement or other research. Are patients worried about their privacy when it comes to those secondary uses of their personal data?

Researchers: EHR data is often inaccurate

Electronic health records can help improve care and safety by giving doctors quick access to accurate information they need to make decisions. But if they aren’t used properly, EHRs can have a negative impact onpatientsafety.

What is big data, and why should healthcare firms care?

Like companies in many other industries, healthcare organizations have access to much more information coming in at a much faster pace than ever before. And firms that don’t figure out how to use that information may be losing money.

Mobile devices: 4 tips for protecting your hospital

Mobile devices make all of our lives easier, but the benefits they offer the hospital industry can come at a high price — security breaches and their related fines.

Staffers on smartphones: Weighing the risks

In the hospital setting, mobile devices are making physicians’, nurses’ and clinical staff’s jobs easier when it comes to efficiency of care. But they can pose serious risks for data breaches.

Survey: Healthcare organizations want more data

According to a recent survey, most healthcare providers believe greater use of clinical informatics will help improve patient care.

Survey: Disaster recovery a top health IT priority for hospitals

As electronic health records and other IT trends increase the amount of data healthcare organizations must hold, an effective disaster recovery plan is becoming more critical.