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The 25 best hospitals to work for in the U.S.

Top 25 Best hospitals to Work for

Assessing elements like opportunities for professional development, exceptional benefits, compensation, activities, efficient workflow and employee satisfaction , our editors have compiled a list of hospitals in alphabetical order that offer the best working environments in the United States.


Baptist Medical Center – Jacksonville, FL

Work-life balance is something that employees at Baptist Medical Center can feel good about, and it one of the things that this organization prides itself on providing for its employees. BMC, located in the northeastern part of The Sunshine State, promotes its unique benefits to find that balance through programs like assisted housing, flexible shifts and schedules, on-site banking, fitness centers, tuition reimbursement and free tax preparation for employees. The staff also has the opportunity to give back to the community through local programs they sponsor, like youth health screenings and mentoring, public education events and services for under-served populations in northeast Florida. With annual service awards that honor employees™ dedication and commitment to the organization, along with celebrations for healthcare holidays and other events, Baptist Medical Center gives its employees good reason to be happy at work.

More reasons to work at Baptist Medical Center:

  • Free parking, shuttle service to the medical facility and discount tickets for public transportation systems is available for all staff
  • Employees that are first-time homebuyers can get up to $5,000 and homebuyers education courses, and
  • Annual service awards are presented to employees for every five years of service.

Emory University Hospital – Atlanta, GA

This academic healthcare system has been recognized as one of the œTop Workplaces in 2011 by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and one of Atlanta Healthiest Employers by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The hospital offers free wellness services and discounts to area fitness facilities, as well as discounts for childcare and eldercare services. Employees are also eligible for substantial tuition reimbursement through the Employer Education Plan, allowing for up to 18 course credits to be taken per calendar year, and are encouraged to embark on their own research projects for personal and professional development. Acceptance of different cultures and diversity is also an important component of the work environment and quality of care for their patients. In fact, one employee says that Emory Healthcare is œlike a little United Nations. You see people here from all walks of life. It really creates an atmosphere of diversity.

More reasons to work at Emory University Hospital:

  • The retirement savings plan includes a 2% employer contribution, even if employees are not contributing to the fund on their own
  • The special New Grad Nursing program helps students transition into full-time professionals through placement in one of three different residency programs, and
  • Emory Healthcare currently employs 286 Veterans and is committed to supporting and employing those who have been a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.

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