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No. 1 threat to your nurses: Injuries from lifting patients

skd239635sdcMuch has been said about making hospitals healthier for staff. And facilities have made strides in several areas, including providing staff with healthier food and more relaxing break rooms to fight fatigue and burnout. But hospitals need to do more about addressing another significant hazard to nurses™ health and wellbeing: workplace injuries from lifting patients.

released a website hospitals can reference to ensure their lifting practices are safe. The site has several toolkits and resources for hospitals to develop patient handling programs that boost safety for nursing staff.

One key component to safe lifting that every hospital should have: Mechanical lift-assistance equipment. This is the only way to truly prevent nursing staff from being injured.

Though it expensive to outfit your hospital with enough equipment to handle patient lifting in every unit and department, it worth the cost. Nursing workers who experience enough injuries on the job eventually can work anymore “ and then they file costly workers™ compensation suits against their hospital employers.

Plus, the more nurses you have who are missing work due to injuries, the harder it is for your facility to adequately staff each shift, making it harder to provide high-quality care to patients “ and indirectly leading to burnout among your remaining nursing staff.

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