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Healthcare providers face a number of regulatory challenges, including privacy laws, malpractice suits and many other issues. Read here to see how hospitals are dealing with those obstacles.

2 big HIPAA settlements show why hospitals must protect computers, PHI

Your hospital needs to make sure it taking HIPAA compliance seriously, especially regarding its computers and networks. Any breaches or security problems involving patients™ protected health information (PHI) can have significant consequences for facilities “ including hefty fines from the Department of Health & Human Services™ Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

Recent settlements show cost of HIPAA violations

The feds are constantly on the lookout for HIPAA violations “ and one high-profile case involving a reality show filmed at a hospital shows just how costly they can be for facilities.

Fraud or compliance issue? Supreme Court hears debate on ‘implied certification’

A case being heard by the Supreme Court could have far reaching consequences when it comes to healthcare fraud.

Nonprofit hospitals may have to pay property taxes

The future of nonprofit hospitals being exempt from local taxes may be in jeopardy, all thanks to a recent legal decision that prompted a tax settlement for a New Jersey hospital.

Cutting clutter: One hospital’s approach

With all the focus onboosting the quality of care in hospitals, other problems may fall through the cracks “ such as clutter that creates obstructions in entryways and hallways. Ignoring this issue can cause headaches for facilities.

Hospital system lands in hot water for referral practices

Your hospital must be careful with the payment agreements it makes with associated doctors and practices, especially regarding referrals. Reason: If these arrangementsdon’t comply with the law,hefty penalties could result. One hospital system just found that out the hard way.

First-ever ‘reverse false claims’ lawsuit closes: Court says …

A high-profile False Claims Act (FCA) lawsuit has finally come to a close” and the decision will seta higher bar for FCAcompliance in the future.

Law will require hospitals to disclose observation status

A new bill making its way through Congresswill change how hospitals interact with Medicare patients when theye admitted under observation. And with nearly unanimous support, it only a matter of time before it becomes law.

How the 2016 Physician Fee Schedule will affect health IT

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has some big plans for providers that would change how they use health IT and earn incentives for cost and quality measures.

CMS changing rules on what counts as kickbacks

Amid one of the largest “takedowns” of anti-kickback violations, the feds are changing the rules on what kind of compensation agreements will come under scrutiny.

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