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Physician performance: Keys to giving better feedback & addressing issues

When your doctors are performing better, so is your hospital. But waiting for a yearly performance review to give providers feedback isn’t always the best way to make sure they take your words to heart, especially since an incident you bring up may be just a hazy memory by the time the review rolls around.

Instead, providing feedback and assessments to providers in real time can offer better opportunities for growth, patient feedback from satisfaction surveys and pay significantly less attention to peer-to-peer opinions. While patient feedback is essential for providing excellent care, not taking professional interactions into account can create blind spots for doctors.

Encouraging a regular exchange of feedback between doctors, nurses, lab techs and other staff members can help prevent negative patient interactions, medical errors and other problems. Opening the lines of communication for all clinical staff keeps your hospital running smoothly and allows patients to receive the care they need with fewer issues.

Terminating poor performers

No matter how much effort your organization puts into improving feedback for physicians, there’s no getting around it: Some doctors may need to be fired for their performance.

It’s never easy to decide to let a physician go, especially in a smaller hospital. While many factors may come into play when firing a doctor, having a solid procedure in place for termination can ensure all your bases are covered.

Legal publication Lexology offers several steps for healthcare executives to follow to make sure a firing goes as smoothly as possible. continuity of care. Patient care shouldn’t fall by the wayside if a physician needs to be terminated. Make arrangements for patients who were seeing a fired doctor to either see another provider at your facility or receive care elsewhere, and pay attention to state requirements for the transfer of medical records.

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