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Why cloud will be health care hero in 2018

Cloud computing is here and thriving, and it will ultimately serve an integral role in health care digital transformation in the coming year and beyond. In this guest post, Shahzad Ahmad, VP of cloud operations & delivery for a global healthcare leader in identity management, offers six ways the cloud will benefit health care in 2018.


Many industries “ not just health care “ have experienced trepidation in shifting from on-premises solutions to the cloud. Resistance to change and new technology is to be expected, and health care has had its fair share of that. However, over the past several years, we™ve seen our own lives transformed by the cloud in a very tactile way, especially through ubiquitous use of smartphones. With device-based medicine growing more mainstream and patients becoming aggregators of their data, health care is entering an era of modernization, one that is a data-driven, consumer-based and mission-based.

As healthcare providers look to maximize efficiency and meet the demands of value-based care, the cloud will continue to be embraced exponentially. With the added benefits of lower operating costs, improved security and high availability, cloud enables considerable opportunities for cross-platform integration and interoperability, as well as democratization of data across new analytical sources, including social determinants, genomics and biometrics.

6 ways the cloud will be health care hero in 2018:

  1. Healthcare consolidation “ The proliferation of hospital and health system mergers and acquisitions (M&As) continues to yield substantial volumes of medical data and systems integrations. According to a new NextGate, a global healthcare leader in identity management.

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